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ST 400&300/LK100 Major firmware update
This site (documentation) provides a step-by-step guide on how to use IODD. All the contents of the guide are tailored to the ST/LK series, and some of the MINI is also applicable.
Please check the following before use.
  • Back port of PC for proper voltage supply, For laptops, a separate powered USB hub may be required.
  • The encryption function cannot be used simultaneously with the full disk encryption function of the operating system or third-party utilities (eg BitLocker).
  • For stable use, the cable must be less than 50cm.
  • Supported disks are 2.5 inches or less than 7.5mm thick.
  • Depending on the settings of the user's PC environment, Safe Removal of USB from IODD may not work, be sure to use USB safe removal on the PC.

Have you ever used the IODD series?

And did you also assemble the disk? if you no, go to disk assembly[ST/LK]
If so, check out the link below.
Go to the section to use the Virtual Drive feature.Bootable Virtual Drive
Go to the section to use the encryption function.Encryption GuideIODD MINI Encryption
To use encryption and virtual drive at the same time
  1. 1.
    Encryption settingsEncryption GuideIODD MINI Encryption
  2. 2.
    And set up a virtual drive.Bootable Virtual Drive
Disks encrypted with 2541/SecureDock cannot be used directly on ST400/LK100 due to the version upgrade of the encryption method. After backing up the existing data and initializing the disk, you must set up a new one.
ST400 <-comaptible-> LK100 <-not compatible-> 2541 <-compatible-> Securedock

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So, let's start with assembling the disk.disk assembly[ST/LK]

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