⚙️Mode Configuration

Set up a virtual drive.

Properly initialize the disk drive before proceeding.Drive Setup

Enter Mode Setting menu

push Menu button and select [Mode setting]

Item Description



Internal drive of ST400/LK100 (physical drive)


Virtual ODD (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) to be used by mounting an ISO file * For ODD, write-protect on/off is not applied. Always write-protected.


Virtual drive (removable/fixed drive or USB memory stick) used by mounting VHD file

Mode Setting Controls

selecting the drive to be activated with the 2/8 key.

Set the order to 3/9 keys

and Set the write-protect on/off of the selected drive to 5 key

and Toggles the properties of the selected drive (fixed/removable) with the 6 key.

[----------Disable-----] The items below are disabled. See the example below.

When set like the picture above, the PC recognizes it as below.

  1. Common HDD

  2. Virtual ODD drive

  3. Removable writable USB drive

When you mount an ISO file or Vhd, If a message is output displayed [No Extra Devices] If there is no active virtual drive (ODD/VHD), the virtual drive cannot be mounted.

At least one virtual drive must be activated.

When you have finished setting the desired settings, press the [menu] key to save the current settings. The IODD is reconnected and the virtual drive is available for use.

Now it's time to mount the ISO file.Virtual ODD (ISO) If you plan to use virtual USB/HDD, please visit first.Creat VHD file with VHD Tools

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