Write Protection

Powerful forensic write protection function
IODD write protection can be set globally / individually for virtual drives.
When connecting the IODD to an insecure/unverified system, be sure to press the number 3 key and connect. You can prevent tampering with the IODD's drive.


[3] Press 3s
with Write-Protection.
[0] press 3s
Reconnected with temporarily Write Protection disabled.
Start with Push [3 ]
Start with Write Protection.

Mode Configuration (individual Setup)

Write Protection Menu(Global Setup)

Press the [Menu] button and select the [USB control] item.
Check [Write Protect] with number [6] or [Enter] key.
Press the [Menu] key to save the current state.
If the global setting is completed, the padlock at the top of the IODD screen is displayed in red.