Encrypted Disk Change(ST/LK)

2nd password is definitely required.

Encrypted HDD/SSD can be used with the same encrypted data in other ST400/LK100.

The new ST400 has no 2nd password set. It is necessary to set the existing 2nd password.


  • SSD or HDD to retain existing encrypted data - Old Drive

  • A temporary drive to use when setting a second passcode on a new device. - Temp drive

  • New ST400/LK100 - New iodd

Never assemble an old drive before setting a 2nd password on the New iodd.


1)Assemble Temp Drive to New iodd.

2)Set the same password as the existing secondary password in New iodd.2nd Password

It should be the same as the 2nd password set in the existing drive. If Users lose the existing 2nd password or set a different password, Users cannot access the old drive data.

3)disassemble the Temp drive from New iodd.

4)Now, if the old drive is installed in the New iodd, the existing password can be used.

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