Set admin Password

Encryption Menu For Admin

If there are multiple users using the same ST/LK,administrator mode to set individual users' passwords and drive permissions. Administrators can reset a user's password at any time. Only administrators can unencrypt the entire device.

Set Admin Password

1.[2nd password]must be set.2nd Password

2.Press the Menu button to select the [Encryption] [Admin] menu.

3.Select the [Set Encryption] and check Caution Message

When setting or deleting the Admin password, all disk data will be deleted, so back up necessary data

4.enter the admin password twice.

5. Enter the setup password twice and wait for a while to finish. The disk was initialized when setting the admin password, Displayed [no appropriate partition]

6.When IODD is reconnected, Require a 0+ admin password

Wrong Passwrod?

If you enter the correct password and it's not correct,

You may have omitted the user identification number.

Admin is automatic adding 0 to the first digit of the password.

e.g.) If you set the administrator password to 1111,

try typing 01111 as the password when reconnecting.

Components of Password


0-User identification digit (Manager 0/User 1-4)

55447788 -Password set by User (up to 37 digits)

055447788 - Admin/Password is 055447788

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