🧰disk assembly[ST/LK]

At first the joint is tight, but later it becomes soft.

Please look at the pictures and follow along.

1.Hold the back cover and main body of the IODD as follows. *White- back cover *Black-Mainbody

2.While holding the body firmly and fixing it, Slide the rear cover in the direction of the arrow Remove the rear cover by pushing it all the way in the direction of the arrow.

*If you press the inner direction with too much force, damage may occur. Be sure to push in the direction of the guide.

3.Install the disk drives in the correct order. (1) Connect the SATA port side. (2) Install the disk according to the main body of the IODD.

4.Reattach the Slide cover until it clicks into place.

Check that the rear latch is properly engaged. Be sure to check it out.

What do you do now?

First, let's learn the basic operation.Disk initialization

If you want to use encryptionEncryption Guide

If ou want to use a virtual driveDrive Setup

If you want to use both encryption and virtual drivesEncryption Guide

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