🗜️Convert ISO file to UEFI bootable Drive

Convert the ISO file to a bootable virtual drive. VHD file and ISO file must be prepared.

convert an ISO file into a bootable virtual drive (USB memory stick) or WTG Drive

to prepare

1. Mount VHD file

2. Run rufus as Administrator

  1. Select the mounted VHD drive in [Device] Item.

  2. Select the original ISO file from the [boot selection] .

  3. [image Option] select Standard Installation or Win-to-Go(Optional)

  4. [Partition scheme] set GPT / [Target system] to UEFI.

  5. (Optional) For Win-To-Go installations, MBR / BIOS (or UEFI-CSM) be more compatible.

  6. Recommends default values for [file systems] and [Cluster size]

  7. Press the [start] button and the boot file is created.

Be sure to double-check when setting the target drive. Never do an IODD on a physical drive. It must be installed on a VHD-mounted 'virtual drive'. It's also a good idea to turn on write-protection just in case.

3. and go to CMOS/BIOS item on the Virtual ODD (ISO) page.

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