Firmware Update

Firmware 0.8.1 version Release

0.8.1 Release

  • ST300 - Fixed an issue with slow reboot after mode change.

  • ST300 - Fixed an issue where the immediately disabled write protect feature did not work.

  • ST400, LK100 - Added password reset feature.

ST400/LK100 Password Reset Guide Update log

The encryption method (SECURE 2.0) version has been improved to 2.5.

Fixed an error being set up without a single LUN in the mode settings.

Firmware Code Optimization


NTFS supoorts MAX 62KB Cluster

Other bug fixes and compatibility improvements

When using encryption, the password of version 0.7 or earlier cannot be used in version 0.8 or later. Back up all data and delete encryption before proceeding with the update.

How to update

Requirements : PC ( Windows OS, USB Port)

Warning - You must connect only one IODD device.

Please update the exact firmware that matches IODD.

If you update wrong firmware, retry with correct firmware.

  1. Download the firmware file.

  2. Uncompress the zip file to proper folder.(Do not run it within zip file)

  3. Run the EXE file.

  4. If "Device is Detected" message appears, then press "Update" button.

  • If not, follow the steps below.

  • Use another computer.

  • Change the USB cable.

  • Press button 9 , ⏎ and hold, and connect to PC. and Release the buttons. and run the firmware updater.

If it is successful, then press "Exit" button. and reconnect IODD. and wait for 2-3 minutes.

!!!Never disconnect the IODD from the PC while the LCD is blinking!!!

Latest Update program

If the version remains the same after updating the firmware, refer to the following information (ST300/LK100)

  1. Run PC Firmware Update

  2. After completing the firmware transmission, if IODD is reconnected, a white screen will be displayed and the firmware update will proceed in IODD.

  3. (Very important!!!) When reconnecting the IODD to the PC, press and hold the IODD's Enter+9 key for about 6 seconds and connect.

  4. Firmware update continues

  5. Reconnect after completion, check version.

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