Error Messages

"1st Partition:XX"
  • 2541/2531 Only - Firmware version Check 1***N or F Only MBR format is supported for the disk. The first partition on the disk must be a normal/primary partition. Use firmware that matches the format of the first partition. N version Firmware only support for NTFS F version Firmware only support for ExFAT/FAT32
ST400/ST300/MINI supports both MBR and GPT and is an integrated firmware. Partition can be selected by long pressing the number 4 key.
Therefore, ST400/ST300/MINI can mount the ISO file on any number of partitions if the partition is a normal/primary partition.
"ASSERT Fails ArreyOffset”
"No extra devices"
"Not Match..." - Password is not matched.
  • If your password is '1234', type '0' + '1234' at the password input screen.
  • The '0' is the user number. Admin is '0'. User is '1' ~ '4'.
"Check HDD" - Check HDD
"No appropriate partition" - There is no appropriate partition.
  • Initialize to MBR or GPT, and at least one of NTFS, EXFAT, or FAT32 is required.
  • Please refer Initialization.Disk initialization​
  • If you only use encryption on the ST400/MINI, you can safely ignore this message.
"Drive Error"
  • Unable to read the internal drive.
  • After disconnecting the drive, connect it to another device.
"Too Many Files" - too many files in a folder.Drive Setup​
  • The maximum number of files in one folder has been exceeded.
  • ioddMini allows max 32 files or sub folders in a folder.
  • Split the folder into subfolders.
.. - Parent folder.
  • There are no subfolders or supported files in the current folder.
"Disc Locked" - Disc is locked
  • The disk is held by some programs. Please unlock the disk.
  • If you want to unlock manually, reconnect the USB cable.
"DEFRAG" - defrag
  • Fragmentation of ISO file is allowed up to 24 pieces. No for VHD.
  • To solve, please do Disk Defragmenter for Disk Defragmentation.
  • if you use SSD, A defreg of the file may be required. Use the utility below. 랑
"Not Use Dynamic" - not supported dynamic VHD
  • Dynamic VHD is not supported. fixed VHD is only supported.
"Not Use Sparse" - not supported sparse file
  • Sparse files are not supported.