Intermittent data disappears or partitions are initialized.
I entered the correct password, but it says incorrect.

A)If your password is '1234', type '0' + '1234' at the password input screen. The '0' is the user number. Admin is '0'. User is '1' ~ '4'. Encryption Guide

IODD will not boot.
I have forgot my password. can I remove my password? I don't care my data will be lost.

A)There is no other way than initializing.Disk initialization

I have forgot my password. Can I find my password? or Can I restore my data?

A)No, It is absolutely impossible despite the manufacturer.

The LCD displays IODD Product no. only.

A)Update firmware.

Can I unmount the Virtual drives (VHD, RMD, IMA) that mounted?
  • If you want to umount all drives, push 7 for 3 seconds.

  • If you want to umount each one, Move up the cursor and Select corresponding drive.

  • If you want to umount most recently selected, push 7

The Firmware update has failed repeatedly.

A)Please refer to Firmware Update

Displayed Caution box. β€œASSERT Fails ArreyOffset”
Unable to write file to disk in IODD.

A)Make sure that Write Protect is disabled.Write Protection IODD Menu->Usb Control->Write Protect Chec Box Deselect. OR [0] key hold 3s - Reconnected with temporarily Write Protection disabled.

Is there a limit to the size of the drive that can be used? (ST400/300/LK100/MINI)

A)No limits However, when using an SSD of 2TB or larger, an appropriate voltage level is required, so a separate USB power source may be required and must be connected to the back of the PC.

Is there a limit to the size of the drive that can be used? (2541/2531)

A)2TB limit when using virtual drive function, There are no Limit when using encryption only.

Partitions and data are intermittently deleted when IODD is reconnected.

A)Insufficient voltage.

1.Connect to the back of your PC.

2.Use a Y-cable. Alternatively, use a USB hub with a separate power source.

3.Do not use cables longer than 50 cm.

In particular, large-capacity SSDs require more attention to power supply.

After OS installation, IODD is stuck or "unsupported partition/1st partition" error appears.

A)You set the target drive as the internal drive of the IODD

when you installed the operating system.

To avoid accidents, double check the target drive when installing the operating system.

Also, the safest way is to enable Write Protect of IODD.

This reduces accidents that can occur during installation.

PC can't boot from ISO file.

A)First, recheck the computer boot-related settings (CMOS/BIOS boot order settings). Booting Error or Use UEFI boot MethodConvert ISO file to UEFI bootable Drive

VHD TOOLS cannot create VHD.

1.Can only be created on the internal drive of IODD. 2. It can be created only in NTFS format (after creation, it can be copied or moved to an Exfat/other format partition and mounted)

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