📁Basic Control / Function Keys

Basic Control(Press Key Once)

Rescan root folder.

File/item list Up

Display VBUS minimum voltage

Go to parent folder.

View file information.

Select a file or Enter to a folder.

Eject the latest virtual hard drive or virtual CD

file/item list Down

Save Loading Status

Enter to Menu. (or Exit)

View Help

Select a file or

Enter to a folder.

HotKeys - Press long ( for 3 seconds )



with Write-Protection.

View Partition list.

Default partition can be selected.

Reconnected with all virtual drives detached.

USB connection is detached with sleep mode.

Reconnected with temporarily Write Protection disabled.

Startup Key - Start with pressing a key.

Reset to factory settings.

Start with Write Protection.

Start without connecting to PC

Start with all virtual drive unmounted.

Enter to menu without connecting to PC

Finish all settings and reconnect or disconnect.

Displays startup key information without connecting to PC.

Press and hold the corresponding startup key to reconnect with that function.

Pressing any other key will reconnect without the startup key function.

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