2nd Password

Perfectly anti Bruteforce

2nd password is required when setting a password on the drive and when installing a drive with a password already set to another IODD ST/LK. Up to 38 digits can be entered. If lost, the password cannot be retrieved or recovered in any way This password is used only by administrator.

Since the 2nd password is stored in the ST400/LK100, you only need to set it once when setting the encryption unless you want to change the 2nd password.

When connecting an encrypted drive to another device in the future, the existing 2nd password is required.Encrypted Disk Change(ST/LK)

Be careful not to lose or Forget

Why you need a 2nd password

  • Prevents brute-force password-forcing attacks by mass-cloning drives

  • When an ST/LK device (case only) is damaged, the drive data can be safely moved to a new device.

Be sure to remember the 2nd password well, It is required when replacing the drive with another ST400/LK100.Encrypted Disk Change(ST/LK)

Encryption cannot be used without the 2nd password.

Set 2nd Password

Press the Menu button to select the [Encryption] [Admin] menu.

Select the [Set 2nd P.W] menu and enter the 2nd password twice to set it.

After setting the 2nd password, set the Admin password.Set admin Password

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