User Management

Administrators can set individual passwords for up to 4 users and manage disk permissions

  1. Press the Menu button to select the [Encryption] - [User] menu.

  2. Enter 0+admin password.

  3. Select the users to manage.

    4.set user's permission and password

User Options Read Only - This user can only read. Cannot write anything to the drive. User Change - This user can change their own password. User Delete - This user can delete their account/password themselves.

When user setting is finished, be sure to select [Save users]. Otherwise your changes will not be saved.

User Password 1~4-User identification digit

55447788 -Password set by User(up to 37 digits)

User 1 password is 155447788

User 4 password is 455447788

Encryption menu for users 1-4User menu(Encryption)

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