⚒️Creat VHD file with VHD Tools

Make Fixed VHD File

Create a virtual drive file using VHD Tools.

VHD Tool is a Windows-Only application.

In order to create a VHD in VHD Tool, it must be created in the NTFS-formatted partition of the drive inside IODD.

After the first NTFS creation, you can move it to a partition with a different format.(ExFAT/FAT32)

Download VHD Tools

Creat VHD File

  1. Run Vhd Tools

  2. Select [Creat]Tab

  3. Specify the location(NTFS partition on IODD) and file name of the IODD in [File name]

  4. Enter the size of the VHD file to be created in [Size]. !!! Must be smaller than or equal to the size of [Biggest linear Space].

  5. Click the [Create] to create the VHD file in the selected path.

When creating a VHD for UEFI installation, the size of the VHD file must be larger than the original ISO file.

The contiguous space inside the disk is required, and if the contiguous space is insufficient, the disk must be defragmented.

Once the file is created, you can mount it on IODD and use it as a virtual drive.

After reconnecting the IODD to the PC, mount the VHD file from the IODD [6 or enter key]

If you haven't set up a virtual VHD, it won't mount. Mode Settings->Mode Configuration

To convert ISO file to virtual drive for UEFI boot->Convert ISO file to UEFI bootable Drive

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